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Elaine Seifert, Q.C. is a lawyer and specialist in alternative dispute resolution. She has more than 30 years’ experience as a lawyer in family law, civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution and now practices exclusively in the areas of mediation, facilitation, arbitration and conflict management. Her areas of focus include family law, healthcare disputes and small business conflicts. 


Elaine is also actively involved the ADR community in Calgary. She is committed to educating the public in the use of conflict resolution processes and regularly presents seminars and trainings on conflict resolution processes for healthcare professions and private groups. 



Every mediation process differs depending on individual circumstances. The mediator’s role is to facilitate effective negotiation and communication between the parties involved. Through effective communication and interest based negotiation the parties are able to build agreements that provide mutual benefits. 


Arbitration is an adjudicatory process in which the arbitrator listens to all parties present their positions and then renders a decision or award. Although similar to a binding court proceeding, arbitration allows parties to control the process and is voluntary and private.


Facilitation is a process whereby a third party neutral, who has no decision-making authority, assists groups improve the way they communicate, identify problems and make decisions. The facilitator contributes structure and process to group interactions, so members are able to work effectively to make difficult decisions and resolve conflict. Facilitation is appropriate when a group is not only concerned with the outcome but also how they reach the outcome.

ADR Education

Training including Curriculum development, course design and delivery in a full range of dispute resolution topics; including communication skills, negotiation, mediation and team dynamics.


Elaine and Laurie specialize in mediation, arbitration and conflict management. We are skilled practitioners of alternative dispute resolution and have the training and experience to help our clients resolve their disputes in a manner that best suits their needs.


We have been practising in excess of 30 years in the area of family law and have been providing services in the areas of mediation, arbitration and conflict management since 2003.  Through our services we have helped our clients reach positive resolutions.

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Elaine Seifert, Q.C. 

L.L.B. Dalhousie University, 1987

Called to the Alberta Bar 1988

L.L.M. Straus Institute, Pepperdine School of Law 2003

Appointed Queen's Counsel 2005

Chartered Mediator, ADR Institute Canada, 2009

Charted Arbitrator, ADR Institute Canada, 2014

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Laurie McMurchie, Q.C. is a lawyer specializing in resolving family law disputes through negotiation, mediation and arbitration, primarily in the area of family law. She has many years of experience with family law and hours of training in mediation and conflict management. With a legal background in litigation, she is experienced in helping clients conclude their family law disputes and has successfully represented clients in all levels of the Alberta courts.


Laurie acts as a consultant on the subject of pension division when marriages break down and helps clients understand their options, negotiate settlements and implement their agreements for the division of this asset.Laurie has been a frequent presenter for the Legal Education Society of Alberta, The Federation of Law Societies, and the Canadian Bar Association. As well, Laurie has conducted trainings in Interest-based Negotiation, Introductory and Advanced Collaborative Law.


Laurie has been recognized in the area of family law and alternative dispute-resolution by the publication “Best Lawyers in Canada”. 



Laurie McMurchie, Q.C.

B.A. University of Calgary, 1974

L.L.B. University of Alberta, 1977

Called to the Alberta Bar 1988

Appointed Queen's Counsel, 2007